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Bubble bubble without any trouble! Relax after a long day of sorcery with this enchanting bath elixir, fragranced with velvet plum and vanilla. Pour into a warm running bath and swirl the water to conjure up a tub full of indulgent bubbles, ready to lie back, relax and dream up your next spell! In a beautifully giftable potion bottle with a cork lid.


Broom sticks at the ready! Get set for Hocus Pocus 2, premiering in 2022 and the hotly anticipated sequel to the original 90s classic!

Inspired by the fan favourite franchise and giving off some seriously sorcerous vibes, gather round and prepare to be bewitched, whether you’re conjuring up some hexy beauty looks or casting a spell of self-care we’ve got you covered with witchin’ products and spellbinding potions that give off some seriously sorcerous vibes! 

Disney Hocus Pocus Bath Elixer

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